Ryan Hamilton, vocals/guitar, and Jencey Hirunrusme, vocals/piano, expand the familiar, yet unique combination of classical piano melodies paired with strong guitar to form Smile Smile. Stripping songs down to the bone and emphasizing the simplicity of beautiful music, Smile Smile’s repertoire ranges from powerful ballads to upbeat folk-style sing-a-longs. Their contemporary blend of folk and pop addresses the timeless issues prevalent in every generation, while also exploring the downfalls of modern life. Sweet breathy female vocals melt into haunting melodies, while strong male vocals drive the momentum. Each song and each melody brings a new sound to the listener and leaves you with something to hold on to.

After sending a demo to KDGE-FM DJ Josh Venable, The Adventure Club, Smile Smile found themselves on the playlist and at #18 for the The Adventure Club Top Songs of 2005 with Sad Song. They were the third highest local band on the list. They have also performed live on TCU’s The Good Show, KTCU 88.7 and are heard on UNT’s late Frequency Down, KNTU 88.1.
Smile Smile released their first EP, self-titled, in February 2005 and it soon began to garner airplay across the US. With the release of their first full length, Blue Roses, in October Smile Smile will begin touring the US to bring their music to everyone.